Sunday, April 18, 2010


The most pathetic clam ever served: it's the perfect introduction - in fact, my very reason and inspiration - for starting this blog. That and my iPhone... which makes this whole thing much easier. So, take a good look at this, one clam off a plate of Gorgonzola Baked Littlenecks at...ahem... Icky's Nay. Note: this clam had note yet been eaten. It arrived in this very state. This is at a restaurant with fewer than 10 tables, 2 of which were occupied when we got there...not exactly a bustling place or a crazed kitchen.
I mean, come on.
My appetizer was three stuffed mushrooms. It looked good, but I remember only the dry, chewy chunks of mozzarella and the watery alfredo sauce. Blech.
I had the Pork Scallopine... it was incredibly oily, to the point that when I was done eating, I felt absolutely sick and kind of wanted to die for a few minutes. It didn't taste that bad, I guess, while actually eating it. The pork was a bit dry, and the cheese raviolis were strangely sweet, which turned me off. The fried sage was nice. Still can't forget about the "wanting to die" part.
Not bad Chicken Piccata, though I only had a few bites. Note the floor of the restaurant, same tile as the bathroom floor of my grammar school. Nice.

Sorry, Icky's Nay. We can't afford more than a first impression. We won't be back.

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  1. OMG, in my current state, that clam picture made me want to die a little.
    I love this idea. Are you going to start wearing disguises when we go out to eat? Please?