Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant

Something significant has changed, can you tell what it is?

This past August a bunch of friends and I went to the Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant. I worked there about ten years ago, when it was managed by a friendly if slightly offbeat couple who owned 13 cats and a stinky (no, reeeaaally stinky) cocker spaniel named Martha. It was quaint, and pastel, and cobwebbed then, and stank like dog whenever Martha cruised through. Nowadays two much hipper gay fellows run the place, and the style has mutated from dusty country Victorian to... I don't know, modern Victorian chic? They've moved the place into the 21st Century; I love the crimson and gold color scheme. There ain't no 13 cats living in there, is what I'm saying.

There were 4 couples in all, a bigger crowd than I'm used to dining with.

Bookshelves- stacked with thick volumes, golf-leafed sculptures of chinese war horses and flickering tea lights- outlined the room. Young servers in starched white tuxedo shirts criss-crossed the room with linen-wrapped water pitchers. One of the dude servers had long shaggy hair swinging loose arond his shoulders, a huge turnoff for me when eating out. We weren't in his section, thank goodness. You work in a restaurant, dude. Get an elastic band, jeez. Basic.

I can't eat mussles, but these look tasty.

I had the roasted beet salad. It was apparently forgettable because even this photo doesn't jog my memory.

I DO remember the lobster gnocchi, because damn... it had lobster and gnocchi in it. Two of my absolute favorites. This was beautiful, creamy, warm, and pillow soft...


This bottle of almost Annabella Cab Sauv almost made me like red wine again, which I'd pretty much given up on. I'm just not a wine person. But this reminded me that it can be really enjoyable; complex and complimentary with your food and just damn tasty.

This wasn't mine, so I forget what it even is. But I took a picture of it, so here it is.

I had roasted duck breast that was served with a watery, nearly tasteless corn risotto. Nothing really stood out. It was rather boring.

It was served with some lovely mushrooms (can't remember what kind), which I portioned out to beef up each bite of the risotto.

Then there was a white peach crisp with vanilla ice cream. The crisp part was extra crispy and crunchy, like cut up the roof of your mouth crispy. But it was sweet and buttery too. The fruit was underripped or undercooked, one or the other. Crisp isn't that hard people. We ate it all though. It just needed a little technique tweaking.

A million dollars later and we were done. We piled into the Model T and drove back in the pitch dark. For reals.

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